Hybrid Stain Concrete is 33 Dreamcrete’s Signature Floor. This revolutionary application is very popular with our clients. There is an increasing demand for universal flooring in homes. Most clients want a one floor look along with a one floor maintenance, having multi surfaces such as carpet, tile, wood, etc are trending away. Stain Concrete flooring is an ideal surface for this demand because of the durability and low maintenance. Restoration of older concrete surfaces leave imperfections, holes and cracks behind. This application eliminates such issues with a super sealer. This super sealer replaces polyurethanes, acrylics or sealers with thickness of the amazing product, it fills most imperfections provides a showcase mirror finish. It is also ideal for heavy traffic areas such as businesses buildings and industrial use. This application offer 3 x times the durability of standard acid stain applications or sealers.

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