33 DreamCrete has been providing superior quality residential concrete and epoxy flooring services throughout Jackson, MS and the surrounding communities for over 20 years! We are a family owned and operated business that provides state-of-the-art services in the concrete flooring industry.

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We provide epoxy flooring and stain concrete applications. Our epoxy flooring includes Metallic Epoxy floors, Solid Epoxy floors, Flake Epoxy floors, Quartz Epoxy floors, 3-D Epoxy floors, Glitter Epoxy floors, Custom Epoxy Countertops and much more. We are also the home of Hybrid Stain Concrete application! This application is perfect for restoration concrete projects, new concrete projects, concrete surfaces or flooring with leveling and/or imperfections issues. We also provide Polished Concrete, Acid Stain Concrete, Epoxy Countertops, Moisture Barrier issues and other common surfaces. 33 DreamCrete has an epoxy or staining application for all homes, businesses and lifestyles.



Residential epoxy flooring customers in central Mississippi have transformed boring concrete into spectacular looking floors. Epoxy and Flakes (Chips) flooring is our most popular service for garages, followed by Metallic or Solid Colors which are common options in kitchens, bathrooms, and playrooms.


Commercial epoxy flooring customers in Central Mississippi demand durable, easy to clean and attractive flooring solutions. Choose from a variety of flooring styles that will compliment the look and feel of your business. Our flooring solutions are perfect for offices, restaurants, gyms, bars, retail stores, schools, hospitals and many other establishments.


Metallic Epoxy 

Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings are so unique, as no two floors will ever be the same. Each floor organically moves and settles with its own unique characteristics and originality, that could never be duplicated. Once that rich metallic epoxy hits the floor, it flows like oil, headed in a direction all its own, which gives it an amazing marble look and style. Metallic Epoxy Floors are state-of-the-art flooring and trending in all the flooring markets across the country! Metallic epoxy floors are truly a showcase floors and will provide beautiful floors that will last for years with very little maintenance.

Hybrid Stain Concrete

Hybrid Stain Concrete is 33 Dreamcrete’s Signature Floor. This revolutionary application is extremely popular with clients, because most want a one-floor look, along with a one-floor maintenance. Multi surfaces, such as carpet, tile, wood, etc are trending away. Stain Concrete flooring is an ideal surface for this demand because of the durability and low maintenance required. Restoration of older concrete surfaces leave imperfections, holes and cracks behind. This application eliminates such issues with a super sealer. This super sealer replaces polyurethanes, acrylics and sealers with the thickness of the amazing product and provides a showcase mirror finish. It's also ideal for heavy traffic areas such as businesses locations and industrial use. This application offers 3 times the durability of standard acid stain applications and sealers.


Flake Epoxy 

Our Flake Epoxy Floors provide the highest level of thickness, and are extremely functional and incredibly durable. This application is ideal for garages, patios, subfloors and porches. These floors are rated for 25 years and are designed to endure hot tires, gasoline, anti-freeze and are 100% waterproof. 33 DreamCrete garage floor applications are twice as thick as most competitors as sink several pounds of flake material in order to provide this deep floor. 


33 DreamCrete provides out of this world, epoxy countertop applications. We offer several options such as one color solids, solid base with veins and metallic styles. Compared to other countertop surfaces, our epoxy application provide originality and a custom touch to make your countertops one of a kind.


Concrete Refinishing

Has your old stained concrete became dull, worn out and old looking? 33 DreamCrete can rejuvenate your flooring. We can add that pop and enriched look back to your floors. We will perform an abrasive sand process back to the original stain and then completely rebuild your floor from the stain up. Concrete refinishing will give your floor a new look for a fraction of the cost of new flooring.

Quartz Epoxy Floors

With extreme durability and chemical resistance, quartz floors are built for tough environments. Whether it’s an outdoor pool deck or a high-traffic area in a busy medical facility, some spaces simply cannot settle for low-quality flooring. If you need a durable and protective floor that performs well under even the harshest conditions, consider the quartz system flooring installed by 33 DreamCrete! This innovative multilayer flooring system brings slip resistance, strength, and style to your residential or industrial space—making it a valuable long-term investment into any property.


Solid Epoxy 

Solid epoxy flooring systems can be applied for either high-gloss finishes or mixed with aggregate to achieve added slip resistance and durability. These epoxy flooring systems are 45 mils of thickness. Comprised of 100% solids epoxy, these systems are perfect for any environment and offer unmatched chemical and slip resistant capabilities.

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Metallic Epoxy

Flake Epoxy

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