Stained Concrete & Polishing in Jackson, MS

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33 DreamCrete also provides superior quality residential and commercial stained concrete and polishing services! Let our experienced professionals bring life back to your flooring! Call us today at 601-906-0699 for more information.

Stained Concrete & Polishing

Stained and polished concrete is a revolutionary, versatile flooring that provides easy maintenance and cleaning. You can add a color stain to your existing concrete. We will then seal is to ensure the color will last! Polished concrete also reduces allergens, dust, and dirt and will not chip or dent like other softer surfaces. At 33 DreamCrete, your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Hybrid Epoxy Floor

Looking for epoxy flooring but don’t have the budget? We also provide Hybrid Epoxy Flooring, which I where we will stain your existing concrete to any color, and then lay the Epoxy top coat down to get all of the benefits of epoxy at half the price! At 33 DreamCrete, our experienced team uses only the highest quality products and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your complete satisfaction. Call us today at 601-906-0699 for more information!

Hybrid Flooring

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